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  • What is your price per square foot?
    Not a simple question to answer without a good look at plans, project location, materials used, size, complexity, timeframes etc.
  • Are you a Minority Owned Business, MBE Certified?"
    Yes we are Certified MBE on the state of New Jersey 2020-2023.
  • Are you a Turnkey Operation?
    We go on a case-by-case basis depending on project type and contract terms . We do both Turnkey or Labor Only Operation.
  • Do you do union or prevailing wage work?
    No. Open Shop work only.
  • Do you do Metal Framing?
    We will do Metal Framing on a smaller scale if connected to a larger Wood Framed project.
  • What sets you apart from competition?
    Our ability to cater to our clients needs putting their projects ahead of schedule with quality and as much manpower as needed.
  • What is you working radius?
    We typically service Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware, about a two hour radius from Philadelphia
  • Do you provide your own machines?
    Yes, we include providing all machines and equipment needed to complete our scope of work.
  • Do you include exterior trim?
    Our main priority is to focus on the rough carpentry of the project to get it done as quickly and as accurately as possible so the next craftsman can come in and perfect their job. We do not include exterior trim.
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