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Benefits of Wall Panels

1. Beat your Schedule

Deliver your project faster since most of it is built in a controlled environment.

2. Save Money

Compared to a stick framed project, take in consideration that you will be occupying your building moths in advance.

3. Control your Budget

With our guaranteed lumber package you're in complete control of your framing lumber budget.

4. Cleaner and Safer Job-Sites

Compared to a stick framing there will be less cuts and waste, making the jobsite more organized and safe.

5. More Piece of Mind

Questions are answered before the project starts through our preconstruction process. With 3D design and collaboration with other trades we avoid field issues, headaches and delays that can happen on site.

Rental Income

Finishing the framing at least one month ahead of schedule can help build and occupy your building sooner (For example, on a 100 unit building it can generate over $180,000 of rental income per month).


Nothing compares to a wood framed project with walls that were pre-designed in 3D, cut by a computerized saw and assembled inside of a controlled environment.

Safety & Speed

Panelizing not only increases the quality of the framing, it will also increase safety and speed on site, resulting in a significant amount of back-end savings by occupying the building at least 1 month earlirer than if it was a stick framed project.


75% Less Dumpsters used than conventional Stick Framed projects with minimal cuts on site and less wood laying around.


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